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Description We can’t empathize enough hair steaming is so essential for your tresses. You use very little product and the product melts right into your hair. Everything your hair needs is happening in that steaming session. You are getting hydration and moisterization during the treatment.

A few tips from our CEO: When your done with steaming let your hair cool for a few minutes. When rinsing your hair rinse with cold or cool water. Rinsing with cool or cold water helps to seal your hair cuticle, making it lay smoothly. A smoother hair cuticle better reflects light, giving your hair the appearance of shine. And it’s sealing all the good stuff.

You should steam once a week for no more than 20-30 minutes. Over steaming can also be bad for your hair. Too much of anything for that matter. If you don’t have a steamer you can leave your treatment for 45 mins. Or if you are using a dryer you can do 45 minutes for extremely damaged hair. She does both my hot oil and deep conditioning treatments for 15-20 minutes a sessions. Steaming your hair has so many benefits this is why we are so big on hair steaming.

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